Tricks to win the battle of attention on Twitter

From the Film stars to well-known politicians; and from prominent sportsmen to influential groups everyone is whirled by the twitter craze. Even the Presidents of the different countries and states, like US President Barack Obama are making the effective use of twitter to broadcast their messages. Twitter tool has proven to be great for such famous personality as they are getting wide followership, replies and retweets. However the question arises that how an ordinary person, organization or group can get same popularity on twitter? For sure, world don’t recognize you like the eminent personalities. Therefore you have to apply certain tricks to win the battle on attention on twitter.


1.     Set Twitter Objectives

Whenever you are thinking to Sign up the twitter account, remember to have clear objectives set in advance. Using twitter in order to pursue your competitors is just a waste of time; unless you have your clear statement of objectives. Examine and analyze what you want to achieve from twitter; and what you really can with the specified time resource. Some people are using twitter to increase their sales, some are using twitter to provide updated information to the clients, and some others are there to provide customer services. Define your OBJECTIVE and after checking its feasibility dive into twitter.

2.     Serve, Not Sell

Whether you want to sell any product or not, you really want people to respond to whatever you tweet about. However getting such swift reaction from your twitter followers is completely impossible if you don’t have any worth on twitter.  So for creating you twitter worth, you have to adopt a serving approach. For first few month, tweet about things that addresses the core issues of your followers. If you are enable to solve their issues so you will get two ways benefit in shape of A. More retweets & followers (Due to Word of mouth. and; B. Influential power (Due to value gained from past tweets and value expectation from the future tweets).

3.     Be Consistent

Consistency is one of the important factors for social media success and especially for twitter. For winning the battle of attention on twitter you have to listen, respond and communicate for three to four times every day. Due to the number of daily tweets from each person you are following, tweeting and responding only once in a day is not enough. Here average person is following more than 150 people. And if every person makes one tweet per day so it becomes more then 150 tweets to read. Therefore you have to set your tweets timing for each day and post according to it. You can use free and premium automated social media software like buffer to automate your daily tweets.

4.     Build relations with industry experts

If you are thinking that you can win the twitter battle alone, so you are wrong. No matter the quality and amount of content you share every day, you need others’ help to multiply your success chances. As two is greater than one, retweets and mentions from every single individual will help you to grow your follower base. However industry experts are the most vital player here. Retweets, mentions and replies from such experts can help you grow you faster beyond your imagination. Therefore you need to identify the top five most influential people of your industry on twitter. Start following them, retweet their tweets, Ask valid questions from them, and praise them. Your purpose should be to make them land on you blog or company website. Believe me if they like your stuff so they will not waste for a second to share it with their millions of followers; thus helping you to win the attention of millions of twitter users.


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