About me

Man Behind JeesKDenny.com –  Jees K Denny


I’m Jees K Denny, an 18 year old Computer Science Engineering Student from Pudukad, Thrissur, Kerala, India. Right now I’m pursuing my Engineering degree from METS School of Engineering, Mala. I’m very passionate about Computers and various technologies and that’s why I’ve opted CSE as my graduation subject. My journey to blogging was quite accidental but I love that accidental phenomenon very much right now! Except blogging, my hobbies are Surfing, Chatting, Web Designing And Web Development etc.

Me & Blogging

During the half of 2011, I just came through an idea of making money online, which is a common thought of most webbies. I was gifted with a Laptop and Internet connection followed by meeting of Rohit V Ramachandran. At that time, I hadn’t even heard about Blogging either as a passion or profession. Gradually, I got familiar with web and suddenly at a morning I decided to make my own website which was followed by my attempts to study coding HTML and CSS. As many of you may have done I made a few websites using free domains and free hosting services. Lifetime of those websites was very small as I found myself fond of Blogging soon.

A lot of people have helped me in finding what blogging is, including some of my best friends. As far as I have concerned, Blogging is like a family; Easy to build but very much hard to maintain. You won’t get a single penny or AdSense cheques for a long while. But you become a true and passionate blogger while you forget all failures and move forward. And all these thought made me to start my own blog JeesKDenny.com

What I Aim?

Even though I’m passionate about Blogging, I don’t want my future to be limited on Blogging and I want to be a Blogprenuer more precisely.I would like to start my own business very soon and blogging acts as a way to that main goal.

You can get in touch with me In most of your social networks including Facebook  , google  ,Twitter etc.

Contact number:   +919633450433