Top 7 Ways to Reach your Dream IT Firm During Academic Period


            There is a tremendous increase in the number of engineers in the last few years. But no one get good jobs. There are so much reasons behind this. Firstly, the students gain only theoretical knowledge ; not the practical knowledge. They get only few labs during their academic period and do the same programs that is done in the past. An equally important point is that the syllabus is not updated. So the students do not know the development in technology. They just mug up the subjects and omit in the exam paper. They did not get any benefit from that. It is also needs to be pointed out that, there are less number of teachers who are dedicated to their work. They also have no knowledge about the latest technology trends. Teachers take subjects that they do not know. They teach the students just for money. Further more, some students also join to engineering course to enjoy and to gain a degree. Almost all the students study engineering either due to the compulsion by parents or to spent the four years. Here are some tips that will lead you to attain the goal.


1.  Do it with passion

            This is the first and foremost thing that every one should have. Whatever profession you take, take according to your wish to do that. Some students join to engineering course because of their parent’s compulsion. Do not do this. Each person in this world has the right to choose your profession. If you choose your carrier based on your passion, you can give the best in that field. Otherwise you will fail. If you are pretty much passionate about computers, go for it. You can definitely shine in that field.

passion + effort is equal to goal

2.  Immense knowledge in fundamentals of programming language

            There are more than 100 programming languages in the world. We can not learn all these languages in our short life span. As a student you may not be able to learn more than six or seven languages. What you have to do is a thorough knowledge in at least one programming languages like C,C++, PHP or JAVA and so on. Because the interviewer asks questions from the programming languages that you are specified in the resume. So if you are not confident with a language, for example, if you have no idea about Java, then do not specify it in resume. Some students do like this. They may have written in their resume that they are excellent in Java, C or in some other languages. So the interviewer will ask questions more deeply that make you trouble. Therefore, if you know just the basics of any languages, mention it in resume that you just know little bit about the language. That does not make any negative impact about you. The another important thing is that you must go through the engineering subjects especially subjects related to computer such as Data structure, Design and analysis of algorithm, Computer networks, Oops, DBMS, and Compiler. Also, you have to know about how memory works, the functions of operating systems, bit wise operations and all these things. In addition, sharp your problem skills ,logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude. To improve the skills in these areas you can refer various online websites like Hackerrank, hackerearth, google’s code jam. There are official online tutorials for different programming languages both video and audio.


3.  Open source contribution

            Some software has source code that is created and maintained by a person, team, or an organization which can not be changed by an unauthorized person. The original author can only copy, inspect and change the source code. This is known as proprietary or closed source. An example would be Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Open source is entirely different from closed one as it made available to the public who has the permission to examine, alter, manipulate and share the code done by others. Libre Office is an example for open source. Open source has some features.

Firstly, public has control over it. This means that programmers are allow to do inspect, change ,and can incorporate these changes in to their projects.

The another feature would be it act as a training guide. Through open source contribution, we will get better programmers as it gives training to find out the errors.

There are some other features that open source have, which are security and stability. The reason behind this features are without asking permission from the original author you can do anything with that source code as you wish and can distribute these code to the world.

I recommend you to visit the website This website is really good for the beginners as they will get a lot of resources on this site like how to get started in open source, how to become an open source contributor, how to contribute to open source projects without writing code and so on. Open source projects are also available in different websites like GitHub, Source Forge, Google Code, Bit Bucket etc. GitHub is a useful website that helps the people to keep their work private or it can share to the world based on their choice. This site contains millions of projects that help the developers to simplify the software they build. Visit any of these websites that will build your online presence. As a result, this will certainly help you to create a good resume which will open the door to your dream company.


4.  Read a lot about technology

            Nowadays unlike in the past, each and every information is available at your fingertips. Read technological blogs, books and magazines as much as possible that will help you to enhance your knowledge as well as your logical way of thinking. Here, I suggest you to follow some web developments blogs:

1. Six Revisions

This contains a huge amount of articles related to web developments and design. It also publishes articles every day.

2. Specky Boy

This blog is mainly designed for front-end developers as it contains a lots of design resources and articles about latest web technologies.

3. DailyJS

This blog is for the people who are eager to learn about JavaScript frameworks. It also consists articles related to different topics, tips and some other resources.

4. Smashing Magazine

This blog is more preferable to those have a passion to learn about HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

5. Coding Horror

Coding horror has great tips and resource from a person named Jeff experience.


This blog consists of tutorials about different language, videos about angular JS, node, JavaScript, Bootstrap etc.

Just go through these blogs to learn new things, languages and along with read books related to technology which is available at Google play store. Books can also read at online. Quora is a good site for the people who are seeking for technical knowledge. This site is organized by a group of people and the mission of this site is to enhance the knowledge worldwide. In this site you can ask questions about anything in the world as well as can give answers to those who ask questions that you are familiar with. I’m also a member of this site. This is an extraordinary website to enrich the knowledge that I’m telling from my experience. Technical knowledge is an asset for engineers therefore acquire as much as possible.


5.  Try to write code your own

            Before start writing coding, you should be thoroughly know about the flow of code, that is the logic, from where the code is started, how program initialize itself, how it’s work and terminates the code. The second thing you should be do is read great programs which will improve the programming skill. Reading few lines of code is better than reading so many books. Follow the code written by great programmers. So you will automatically tend to pick up the code and once you start doing so, you will be able to build the code by yourself. Also, find out which external libraries are being used and the errors in program. Another method to develop writing code is to participate in online coding competition. There are so many websites are available to improve your coding skill. Tree house, Code chef, Google’s code jam are some example for these. One more thing to do is draw the flow chart to analyse the program flow. On the first glance, flow chart will give you an idea about the working of code. Do these things to develop your coding skill.


6.  Sharp your communication skills

            Communication skill has a vital role in everyone’s life as it becoming an international language. Even though an engineer is good at programming skill, he or she is not perfect at speaking English fluently then it does not matter that he or she is excellent in coding. The person should has the ability to communicate clearly their ideas effectively. The programmer has to communicate with other engineers, team members and with clients. There is no need to communicate in British or American accent but the person should be able to express their ideas with confident. English is the dominant language of technology, science, and international business. The international meetings are regularly held in English. Another thing is that the most important text books and journals are published in English. So the ability to speak English is a necessary skill in the modern world. In order to develop these skill, I suggest you to read books, novels ,news paper or whatever you are interested in. Reading helps to improve your vocabulary as well as grammar. The second thing you ought to do is watch English movies which will help you to understand what the other person said and the accent. Try to speak English with your friends which also help to eliminate your hesitation to talk. So follow these instructions. This will make you a good English speaker if you take an effort.


7.  Maintain a good GPA score

            During the academic period, you will learn about different engineering subjects. You will have 58 subjects to learn within four years. To pass the exam is not that much difficult while to get good score is a difficult one. To achieve this, you need to take a little bit effort. Why I’m saying this because most of the MNCs hire students who have 60% and above score. While years passing, these conditions are changing. So within the academic period, try to clear all the subjects with a good score. The much you will score, the much you get opportunities to attend the interviews and to become a part of multi national companies.



            By ultimate analysis, to reach your dream company you must be work flat out since the first year itself. There is no need of teacher as everything is available now on the internet. Learn new programming languages alone and start to do the projects individually. Through these seven steps you can build up a good resume that is different from others which will make a positive impression on you by the companies. You also read about the skills and interview tips for the MNCs. So be start learning and fulfill your dream.

Top 7 Ways to Reach your Dream IT Firm During Academic Period
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