How to get placed in MNCs – General Guidelines

            In recent years, Multi National Companies hire a large pool of people who are eligible from different places. As we all know that MNCS are worldwide organization as it established in one country, but it’s activities are carried out beyond the country. This means that MNCs carried out tons of global operations through a network of branches. MNCS have a great role in technology development as well as it create a large scale job opportunities to the people who are pretty much passionate about computers.

This article mainly deals about the selection procedure by MNCs, Do’s and Don’ts in an interview and what are the skills looking forward by the company to choose a person.

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When it comes to skills, the interviewer checks mainly three skills.

1.Proficiency in programming language.

            This is the first and foremost skill that most of the MNCs are looking for. The interviewer checks the basic knowledge in different programming languages that are mentioned in the resume by the candidate. If the person is not confident with a particular language, then do not specify it in the resume because they are asked questions based on the resume. The candidate should has the ability to convince the interviewer that he or she still love computer and programming. In addition, when interviewer asking a question from a particular language try to explain very accurately in a simple sentence. So make sure that you have the basic knowledge in different programming languages.

2.Communication Skill

            Linguistic ability is the another factor that are examined by the companies. Most of the people may have ideas or they are efficient at programming, but they failed in expressing their ideas due to the lack of communication skill. If a person from IT/CS background they have to interact with their clients. May be the candidate does not know the British or American accent, that is not a problem of concern. What they are looking for is if they select a person to their company, he or she can interact with the team and the clients. Now English is becoming the global language. Thus, the knowledge in English can help the candidate to succeed.

3.Analytical skills

            This is the last, but not the least the companies are looking for. We can find out different solutions for a particular problem. To find out the solutions we can use any methods. But what we need is the easiest solution for a particular problem. This is actually the companies require. To become good at problem solving skills, there are lots of books and online websites are available now like indiabix. So just go through it.


Let’s know more about how these multi national companies select the people or what are the criterions they followed.

1.Eligibility criteria

            Most of the companies may place a cut off mark to at least attend the interview. In 2011-2012 cut off mark was 60%. Now it is extended to 65,70 and 75%. Certain companies have no cut off marks. Moreover, companies also have a condition that the person who is attending the interview should not have any backlogs. This not mandatory for all companies. Some of them allow to appear for interview even if he or she has backlogs.

2.Written test

            This is the first step in an interview. It may contain both technical as well as aptitude questions. The pattern, Question numbers and the method of test may vary according to different companies. Some companies use pen-paper mode of examination where as some prefer online test. For instance, Wipro has five different testing area like verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, technical, and essay writing. The number of questions in Wipro test pattern is 68 with no negative marking and the time duration for the test is 95 minutes while Infosys has 65 questions from verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, analytical and logical reasoning and they provide 95 minutes to complete the test. Most of the companies do not have negative marking. To pass this test, you should be familiar with engineering subjects and should have the ability to solve analytical problems in limited amount of time. There are an enormous amount websites are available to do the practice test. So be practice with these.

3.Technical interview

            If you are cleared the written test, technical interview is a turning point in your life. If you can perform well in this, you are very close to your dream. In technical interview, initially the interviewer ask about your personal details like name, describe about yourself and so on. So this is actually a chance to impress the interviewer. Try to say some thing different that is not said by others. Then the interviewer will ask questions from the projects that you are done during your academic period. In addition they also ask questions about the programming languages that you are mentioned in the resume. So if you are thoroughly known about your projects and programming languages you can very easily get through it.

4.HR interview

            This is the last step in interview. The HR manager will tell you about the company, salary and so on. He or she may ask some ask questions to you to check whether you are suit to their company or not. If you are able to clear this interview, then you reached your destination.


There are some Do’s and Don’ts that should be aware by the candidates who are going to appear for the interview.

Do’s in an interview

1.Prefer formal dress

Whenever you are going for an interview, you should be well dressed. We have heard that first impression is the best impression. This is exactly true for all interviews as well clothing reflects your personality. In the case of men, it is generally prefer to wear pants and shirts. It is good wear saree or churidhar for ladies. Take care of your hairstyle also.

2.Be confident

Each and every person have nervousness during interview. But it should not show in front of the interviewer as it could act as a sign of weakness. So even if the answer that is going to tell is wrong , try to give answers to the interviewer with confidence.

3.Greet the interviewer with smile

Always interact with the interviewer with a pleasant face. And also, remember do not sit until the interviewer said. Body language plays a crucial role in an interview. Try to maintain the eye contact.

4.Take all the certificates

This is very important thing to remember. Not only the certificates but also take at least three copies of resumes and mark lists.

Don’ts in an interview

1.Don’t be over confident

Confidence is required in an interview. But if the level is increased, they will reject you even if you are eligible.

2.Don’t be late

Be on time. This is a basic manner. You should be there at least 15 minutes earlier.

3.Don’t talk too much

Give answers to the interviewer that they are expected in a simple sentence. Do not talk too much for a question because they are experts in that field. They may ask more and more about a topic. So you would be in trouble which will loose your confidence and you create a way to out.

            To conclude, those who have a passion to get placed in to MNCs , these article will definitely will help you to bring up to the level. Here I described some tips to follow. I have suggestion that it is better to register MNCs or Non MNCs through the companies official registration links when you are a fresher as they prefer importance to those candidates.


How to get placed in MNCs - General Guidelines
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How to get placed in MNCs - General Guidelines
How to get placed in MNCs. This article give the basic idea about what the skills you need and the do's & don'ts in interview.
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