iPad Mini Vs Google Nexus 7

There are numerous Tablets to use as of the time whereas there are many more small tablets too in this range. Here, we are going to compare the best small tablets of the current time, and they are Apple iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7. Both are doing great in the market and hence they make us to compare them and here we all set to reveal their facts and some features of these two stunning tech devices.

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First of all you need to look forward on to their prices. Both the devices are very well packed. Apple iPad Mini 16 GB of base model is of $329. This is one of the finest deal with Apple devices, if you wish to buy Apple iPhone 4 with retina display you would go for this one, more cheaper with better and big screen to use. While Google Nexus 7’s base model with Wi-Fi only connectivity costs $199. This Tablet offers more customization than the other tablets in the same range. Google plays a strategy here and kept the price of this Tablet to lower to snatch away the Apple customers. Price factor is only that can affect customers ratio.

And when it comes to design, Apple is of course a clear winner. Super sleek and stunning design makes this device a unique from all the others. Whole back cover is made of Aluminium and more lighter than the other tablets. Apple’s this device beats up this Google Nexus 7 here, Google Nexus 7 has a soft plastic body which doesn’t make any sense to stand with Apple’s iPad Mini.

Both devices have different operating systems; one has iOS while the other has Android. Apple iPad Mini runs on the most advanced operating system iOS 6, while the Google Nexus 7 is runs on the most popular operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the very latest version of Android.

The Google Nexus 7 comes with great hardware and a quad core processor which is quite impressive. While the iPad Mini is powered by A5 Dual processor which is in the iPad 2. So, Google Nexus 7 beats up Apple’s iPad Mini here, Nexus 7 could run more faster than the iPad Mini here with this processor. Plus Google offers more customization features with Android operating system with powerful and fully open sourced OS while iOS doesn’t offer any services like this. With Nexus 7 you would be able to change the Key board, ROM and launcher too. While you can;t do nothing with Apple device.

Talking about battery, both devices have powerful batteries with them, Apple iPad Mini comes with 10 Hours battery backup while the Google Nexus 7 is comes up with 8.5 Hours of battery backup. Here, iPad Mini beats Google’s Nexus 7. In display no one could ever compare with the Apple products, in Display Apple clearly makes a winning path. Apple’s retina display having more resolution than the other and a lot of new features with this. Display is just amazing with this Apple iPad Mini. Google Nexus 7 has not much impressive display, colors seems to be washed out with this display and serving bad impression with this. Google Nexus 7 is not so good with this Display.

So people these were some of the basic differences of features and specifications of both these devices. You can choose the best one which suits you more, either Android or iOS.

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