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Innovative technology made it possible to enjoy movies on mobile too and the best instance to prove this are the android movies apps that are particularly made to offer its users the relaxation and enjoyment of movies on the go. The best part is that most of these apps offer their users the privilege to watch TV shows and movies on android phones and tablets at free of cost and hence they can be termed as free android movies apps.

Some of the popular android movies apps

Crackle, Movies by Flixter, Netflix, and TV and Fandango movies have earned popularity for their usefulness to the movie lovers.

  • Crackle

A favorite to a large number of TV shows and movie watcher, this app is let you watch television shows and movies at free of cost. You can use it on your tablet and android phone.

  • Netflix

Known as the Android TV app Netflix offers the scope to watch movies too.


crackle movie app

How these apps work?

A free android movies app work by connecting you to a database that has millions of movies stored in it that you can watch from your android devices like your Android smart phones or your tablets or any other device that is compatible with the Android system.

Majority of these apps requires support from the Flash player to watch movies. If your android device did not come installed with a flash driver then you will have to install one to be able to enjoy the free android movies. You can install the Adobe Flash Player with ease as it is compatible in all the devices and gives step by step instructions for easy installation.

To enjoy faster browsing and good movie speed, it is very important to have an excellent quality network communication that will allow full network access to the movie app. When you have full and speedy network access the network will create sockets and will follow custom network protocols. The data will be sent through the browsers and other applications to the internet.

What types of movies can you watch by your android movies app?

There are plenty of genres to choose from. The range of movies encompass horror, war, sci-fi, drama, mystery, western, romance, musicals, crime, fantasy, comedy, thriller, historical and much more.

The lists of free movies are usually stored in the public domain and are members of the internet archive. The web browsers run the free movies by connecting to a public domain movies database.

These apps are fantastic for all the movie and android lovers! You can watch as many movies you want without having to share your screen with other siblings or going to the cinemas. The introduction of free movie apps has not only given more market for the android apps to function in but also has created great opportunity for innovations in the android market. Along with that movie viewership is also likely to increase when free access to movies is given.

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