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All we know about Evolution by which the world made us able to make such an awesome world for upcoming generation. The phenomenon of revolution never ends on some cases but even our Android Apps are also revolutionary. Let me tell you my case, I didn’t know what Apps a few years are before and now I know a little bit deeply. This is why I mentioned it Revolution of Android Apps which is nowadays used for various purposes including our everyday activities. In one hand, the massive availability and productivity features of Applications have actually turned the face of Smartphone use and its various utilities as well. I think the main part of the revolution is contributed by Android Apps because the list of Android Apps starts with Funny Games and ends (actually not) in Programming Interpreters. It’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

So if you’re searching for a Techy and Geeky Job along with a Techy Mind, Application Development is a very good chance for you offering a nice career. But let me tell you one thing, you may be knowing this, Developing an Android Application isn’t such an easy procedure as it includes various activities which starts in Developing the idea and ends with the Coding Section. So even if you’re a good programmer or a Tech Geek, you can only become a Good App Developer if you’re getting as much useful tools and resources. In one way, your success in Android Development is getting suitable resources and using it in an effective manner. So we’re now going to help you friends. Here we’ll tell you some useful and worth using Resources that will guide you to Develop a Good Android App. So, let’s have a look at those cool online tools and resources.

  • Android Developers

Let’s start from the initial state. If you’re very much new to Android Development the Android App Development Site is enough for starting your App development career. Easier to use, the website is now divided into 3 sections which constitutes Design, Development, and Distribution of your Application. You can just head to Development tab for getting knowledge about Developing an Android App and the section is further divided into three which includes Android Training, API Guides, Reference and Tools. Other than this what you need is Android SDK and Eclipse IDE, which are available from the same website itself. If you’re running with a slow connection, the procedure may take time. Although you could start developing your Android App once you’ve finished the installation procedure. You can get correct steps from the same website so that you can design User Interface, Animation, and Graphics, Making use of Connectivity, Data, Camera and all capabilities of an Android Device for which you’re developing the App. There is also a YouTube Channel for Android Developers where you can get useful Video Tutorials directly from Google.

  • MIT App Inventor

This web platform for leaning Mobile Technologies and Development Apps is now maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). If you hate the complexness of codes, you can get help from this because Blocks are used here for setting up actions of your Android App. You can download your Source code, Modify and publish it but you should be more familiar with an App’s components before getting into this. There are also some Useful eBooks as well.

  • Marakana TechTV

It’s another rich place to get Video Tutorials for developing an Android Application. You can get with each update as the Channel is updated with regular videos including, deep explanations, steps included and more. You can also subscribe to Main Stream from their website and although, the service awesome for improving your skills.

It’s not over as you can get thousands of useful resources by Googling the keyword. Anyhow the above tools will definitely help you to develop your own Android App. So wish you all the best.

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