How To Make A Full Width Single Page Website

It is very simple to create and handle a website now days. We have much content management system (CMS) like wordpress and joomla. Both are open source blogging software free to available on internet. Here I am going to discuss how to make full width single page website. There is two methods I described in this article for your better understand, both are giving same result.  In the first method, you have to need a little bit knowledge about php. Php version is the  same HTML file categorized into pages. If you are not familiar with php, go ahead with method 2



Method -1


  1. header.php
  2. content_wrapper.php
  3. footer.php
  4. index.php
  5. css/style.css
  6. images

Inside the Files:-

1. Header
Left side of header with logo and the right side with site links.

2.Content Wrapper

You  can include titles and subheadings in the field of content wrapper.


Left content and right content included in footer.php


Index.php contain above three pages header.php, content wrapper.php and footer.php. Just link all pages together.


The style code for the website placed in style.css file.

Method -2

In simply there a single page HTML and Style page. The Style sheet is same as above.


Download Source Code

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