PHP – Introduction

Php !  What a great language.

  • php – (Hypertext preprocessor).
  • php is specially used for web development.
  • It is a server side scripting language.
  • Php pages executed by web server, The server dynamically create HTML page and sent back to the client browser. Not only HTML pages it can possible to output images, pdf, Excel docs etc.
  • php can include HTML, CSS, Javascript and Php code.
  • The Php file have .php extension.

The code below is very simple php code which displays hello world in the browser. A php installed web server requires for running the script.

Applications Used

  • Content management system such as wordpress, Drupal,
  • Image and video hosting system – Flickr
  • The famous microblogging website –  Tumblr
  • Biggest Social networking website – Facebook.

The List goes on. The 80% of websites are developed with php.

php used applications


  • The major advantage is, The developer can code procedural or object oriented way. So the beginners can easily understand how whole works.
  • Php is a open source project and its free.
  • There are lot of php frameworks to help you fast the workflow.
  • Another main advantage is, php have big support from various online communities.
  • Their Documentation is clear and understandable.
  • It can run all platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • It can be integrated with many databases available now. eg. MySql, PostgreSQL.
  • Many open source library’s supports.
  • You can create Desktop application, but it needs massive knowledge in php.


  • Set and receives cookies from browser.
  • By accessing database, we can do many operations. Commonly used are insert, delete , select , update.
  • Can perform hashing and encryption with data.
  • All kind of file operations can possible with php.
  • It can receive and process HTML forms data.
  • It possible to process images.
  • Can visually represent the data. eg. graph, charts etc.



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