Why Everyone is Opting for LED Lamps These Days?

People around you are switching to LED lighting, but you are still stick to your old CFLs? Well, if this is the case, then people living around are smart indeed. But you are not. LED is choice of smart people. One may call it as the lighting technology of new generation.

I know, you might be thinking that why there is buzz about the LEDs, here and there. Why people around are opting for LEDs over other ways of lighting? Why people using LEDs are tagged as smart. A big list of questions or should I say confusions in your mind, but not any answer yet.

You might have tried searching on web about this and end up with ‘No Satisfying Answer’. Right? Well, no need to get lost in the waves of Internet anymore as you will get a complete satisfying answer to all of your questions regarding the LED technology. So, why everyone is opting for LEDs? Let’s have a look at the answer below.


LEDs Are Long Life Time

LEDs come with a long average lifetime. Those who did not get the term ‘Average’, let me tell you that an average lifetime of LED or CFLs is defined as the time in which the light coming from them reduces to 70 percent of what it was when using LEDs or CFLs for first time. This time is 16 years for LEDs. It means that you just buy LED for one and enjoy lighting of the same for a long period of 16 years. On the other hand, CFLs do not last more than 15,000 hours.

LEDs Are Eco Friendly

The smart people are those who do not use the products which cause harm to environment. Such people know that causing harm to environment is like digging hell, in which they will fall themselves, in the near future.  That’s why smart people only opt for LEDs as they know that LEDs do not use any material like Mercury. Mercury is extremely dangerous for environment. But this act is done by smart people only. Poor buddies opt for CFLs. Mercury is used in CFLs. The people using CFLs are also responsible for causing harm to environment.

LEDs Save Energy

One of the major reasons for which everyone is opting for LEDs, is the energy saving. LEDs do not waste any part of input energy and thus help in saving your money which you always waste on energy, that you do not even use. Moreover, energy saving is important for bright future as well.

LEDs are Safe and are Available in Different Sizes

LEDs do not produce any heat and thus are totally safe to use. Moreover, LEDs come in different sizes. You can opt for any that suits you the most.

So it was the list of best reasons that why everyone is opting for LEDs. If you are using CFL, then it’s time to replace them with LED technology. Do it now.

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