Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Social Networking Sites

Years ago letters and phone calls were the main medium for communication but now social networking sites have taken their role, because communication through social networking sites is easy and cheap. And now it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have an account in at least one social networking site because social networking sites makes people connected, in an easy and cheap manner. And the number of frequent social media users is increasing minute by minute, the real and simple evidence for that is the latest achievement made by Facebook, Facebook has reached one million active users last month. So it’s clear that even if we are busy with our daily activities and routines, we need and thus finds time to spend in our social media accounts. But many are really busy and so don’t find time, even to put their hands on the mouse for some clicks so for them it’s better to use the keyboard shortcuts to use their social networking profiles. Like the shortcuts for applications, social networking sites too have keyboard shortcuts to perform essential operations. So here are some shortcuts that can be used in the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.


The Facebook keyboard shortcuts works depending on the browser so that there are differences as browser changes. The changes to be made are the following;

  • In Internet Explorer, press ENTER after each combination.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, press SHIFT before each combination.
  • In Mozilla Firefox (Mac), press CTRL before each combination instead of SHIFT key.

The following are the keyboard shortcuts for Facebook;

Key Action
Alt + 0 Facebook Help Center
Alt + 1 Opens Home Page
Alt + 2 Opens Timeline
Alt + 3 Shows Friend Requests
Alt + 4 Opens Message Inbox
Alt + 5 Shows All Notifications
Alt + 6 Opens Account Settings
Alt + 7 Opens Privacy  Settings
Alt + 8 Opens Facebook Profile Page
Alt + 9 Opens FB’s Terms of Services
Alt + / Site Search
Alt + M Create New Message


Since Twitter keyboard shortcuts are independent of browser, they are easy to use and so not confusing.

Key Action
G+A Opens Activity
G+C Opens Connectivity
G+D Opens Discover
G+F Opens Favorites
G+H Opens Home
G+L Opens Lists
G+M Opens Messages
G+P Opens Profiles
G+R Opens Mentions
G+S Opens Settings
G+U Opens Users
J Next Tweet
K Previous Tweet
L Closes all Open Tweets
M New Direct Message
N New Tweet
R Reply
T Retweet
Enter Open Tweet Details
Space Page Down
/ Search

Google +

Unlike others Google plus lacks shortcuts, here are the available ones and these may only work depending on the situations.

Key Action
Enter Start New Comment
Enter + Tab End Comment
Space Scroll Down
Shift + Space Scroll Up
@ or + Tag a Person
J Next Item in Stream
K Previous Item in Stream
Q Search People For Chat

Since updates are made to each network every now and then, this list of keyboard shortcuts for most popular social networking sites may not be complete, so keep in touch to receive latest news.

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