7 Ways to Increase Broadband Speed

How to increase Broadband Speed” this might be the keyword that most of the broadband users have googled a lot. It is because the broadband speed may not be what they are offered by the ISP. Most of them search for some software’s to increase the broadband internet speed. But in most cases those software’s fail to perform the offered task and we may be totally in trouble. But in most cases the problem which interrupts the broadband speed may be due to some hardware errors and failure in their working. If we are able to diagnose the problem (hardware) we may be able to extent the broadband speed up to 50% (really it’s not increasing the speed but its squeezing out the real speed offered by the ISP which is shortened due to hardware errors). There are several ways through which increase the speed of our broadband connection in terms of hardware and little bit of software. First of all you should take Internet connection from a good and well reputed ISP offering good speed for a moderate rate.

The ways are:


1. Use a good router or modem.

The main important part of a broadband connection is a router or a modem which enables us to connect to the internet. If we use a low quality modem or a router the signal strength and speed may get decreased and it may affect the speed of the internet. Also these routers or modems play an important role.

2. Use good extension cables.

While using extension cables first we should check the quality of the cable. Usually we will use small extension cables. Don’t use much twisted cables. Also change cables from time to time so that it will maintain good signal strength.

3. Use Micro filters

Other devices or appliances connected to the same telephone line may be affecting your broadband signal strength. It may be interference. We can avoid this interference using micro filters. Make sure that you have connected other appliances like spare telephones, fax machines, digital boxes through micro filter. So connect all appliances which access the same telephone line through a micro filter. Still if there is low speed issues even after connecting through a micro filter, then remove all device connected through micro filter and connect it one by one.(while connecting  also check the quality of wires and the devices ).


4. Check running background applications

If there is more than one background application running in your system it may affect not only the speed of your system but also the speed of your broadband connection. It will make your broadband connection totally slow.  So before using your broadband connection close non-important applications. If you open more than one browser windows and tabs it may affect your broadband speed, since more work load is given to your internet.

 5. Update Antivirus software frequently

Virus attack will also affect your broadband speed. Viruses destroy your pc as well as your internet connection. So you should be aware to update your antivirus software frequently so that you can be free from Trojans, malwares, spywares etc….

6. Use Passwords

If your router is wireless, passwords will protect your wireless network. Using this you can make sure that no one else is using your internet connection without your permission. Unauthorized access to your network (also authorized) will slow your internet connection. So Password will protect your internet connection from unauthorized access.

7. Update driver software’s

Always be updated with your modem’s driver software. It will help you to get a moderate speed while connecting to the internet.

Using these methods you can use your internet connection with a good speed and some good percentage of what is offered.

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