Expert Car and Travel Insurance Buying Tips

Buying car and travel insurance is necessary these days. With increasing number of accidents happening daily and mishappenings such as loss of baggage and other problems during a tour, it is important to keep a car and travel insurance plan handy. Let’s take a look on these insurance plans and their significance in a modern man’s life.


To what extent is car insurance mandatory?

Well, buying insurance is a matter of choice. However, with car insurance, it is different. Cars and other road vehicles need to get insured the moment they are bought, as per the rules of Indian government.
Most people are not aware of the fact that driving a car on public roads without an insurance plan to cover your legal liabilities is a criminal offence. You are obliged by the law to have this minimum cover level. It is usually built into your fuel cost. The Motor Vehicles Act makes it compulsory for all car owners in India to have this cover.

What does the Car Insurance cover?

Usually, car insurance comprise of a policy to protect a car in the event it is damaged. In order to protect the car owner against any legal action resulting from car accident, medical bills incurred by passengers will be covered. The policy may also cover damage to a car as a result of hail, storm, flood, falling tree, and other “acts of God.”

Types of motor policy to choose from:

Car Insurance in India is categorised into three broad types:

Third Party Liability
The insurance plan covers all of your legal liability in the event you damage car or physical property someone else’s due to an accident caused by driving.

Third party and Others
The plan offers the liability cover in conjunction with two other valuable covers. Car theft, damage due to fire, theft of car, attempt to theft are also included in the plan.

Comprehensive Policy
This is also known as comprehensive plan that includes Fire, Third Party, and Theft cover in addition to reimbursement for harm to vehicle that you own during an accident. The plan comes with added advantages such as situations where you steer car of a third party.

The travel insurance plan is an important requirement if you are planning to travel abroad. It is sold as:
* Package Plan
* Travel Medical Plan

Package Travel Plans
*  Package plans are offer varied types of cover in a single policy. It includes the following:
* Dismemberment coverage
* Medical cover
* Repatriation of remains
* Emergency evacuation
* Accidental death
* Flight delay
* Last-minute trip cancellation
* Flight cancellation
* Replacement of travel documents
* Delayed or lost baggage
* 24-hour concierge service
* Trip interruption
* Legal assistance

Travel Medical Plans
Travel medical plans ensure emergency assistance, medical cover and emergency evacuation for those travelling abroad. Insurance plans can be bought for short trip and long trips.

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