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Social Networking! It is now included in each and every heartbeat of a Internet User as its intensity and power are enough to stick users close to it. In people reading this article, a majority of you will be having Multiple Social Networking Accounts (Either multiple accounts on multiple services or multiple accounts in same service as well). In a few years after established as a strong web based service, it’s getting involved in our personal life, business and so on. And here, we are going to talk something about Twitter, which are a very famous Micro Blogging platform as well as a Social Network. When looking from outside, Twitter is very simple as a Web 2.0 Service. You can sign up for the service with just an email account, and start the very famous activity so-called tweeting by typing 140 characters and then hitting the Tweet button.

If you’re using Twitter for personal uses including following people on your favorite niche, or getting up-to-date news from around the world, it’s okay. But when you’re using a Twitter Account for multiple uses such as Blogging, for your Company etc. the system changes in a whole extend. When you’re there for corresponding your company or blog, your activities and communication on the social network should be more precise and effective so that you’ll get more Twitter followers and hence more popularity on the mentioned Social Network and in the Web World itself. So here, we’ll give you some tips for effectively managing your Twitter Account in order to more famous on the Whole Internet world.

We need Quality, not Quantity

As you know and we said before, you can use Twitter for getting latest news on your favorite niche since it’s like a streaming lake. Rather than from other, Twitter is quickly and constantly moving which includes real time updates from people who you follow. So when you get your first view at Twitter, you’ll have to follow people in order to get rid of empty timeline. So when you start following a large number of people, you may be actually missing the tweets on your favorite kind. So you’ve to be vigilant when selecting people to follow on Twitter. An only follow person who’s Tweets will be useful & digestible for you. So the quantity doesn’t matter while Quality has maximum importance while selecting people to follow. For showing other people that you’re not a robot, don’t make your tweets much frequent. And analyze what you’re actually going to tweet before you hit the Tweet button.

Be Organized

When you’re using your Twitter account for Business related services, it’s a good strategy to follow a bunch of good people and hence to get followers back in action. You can use Twitter’s Lists feature in order to make easily accessible tweets so that a specific people will only see the tweets.

Keep a Nice Schedule

Time has a special importance while tweeting because if you want to get more followers to you, then you should tweet in a time when more people are active on the site. As of the data from May 2012 study conducted by Bitly, it has been shown that the better  time to tweet is 1 and 3 PM in Monday to Thursday. You can use a Twitter Management Application such as TweetDeck or HootSuite for scheduling your tweets.

Be Variety

Suppose you’re a Technology Blogger or any occupation related to Technology, then most of your tweets will be related to Technology. So keep a variety while making Tweets. So a little bit of personal tweets are also appreciated. For example, if you’re going to have something delicious for dinner, then you can head to Twitter and post about it. If the recipe is an interesting one, you can make use of # tags so that people will find your content and follow you if your profile is an interesting one.

First is for Safety

Even though Social Network is very much useful for you in many ways, there are some easy loopholes as well. Using some specific applications, you can share the whole world where you’re. It’s very much dangerous thing because the profile is a public one and anyone can access it. For example, you’re tweeting that you’re now in a restaurant, so a thief who knows the loopholes of Social Networks can easily get into your house and steal your valuables knowing that you’re not at home. We’re not joking; there was a real incident in 2009. One Arizona man made a tweet that he and his family had gone for vacation. And In some minutes, he was robbed. So, don’t share such information in your Twitter stream because the safety should be first.

Jees K Denny

I’m Jees K Denny, a Web Developer and a Passionate Blogger from Pudukad, Thrissur, Kerala. You can get in touch with me In most of your social networks including Facebook , Google , Twitter etc.

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