Why your blog does not get comments?

Have you ever thought that blogging is considered to be at par with the way you deal in real world especially when it comes to engaging with the audience? Confused? You should not be as you need to be engaging with the visitors. This is where your oratory skills come into play.


No trace of communication

Blogging can be held at par with your real life where at the time of addressing the audience, others start loosing interest if you start saying things which are not engaging and does not bring any sort of excitement as well. There will be sleepy faces and most of the audience can be seen yawning and checking their time as well. Isn’t it?  Same is the case with blogging. Your post should be engaging.

Other than that, hasn’t it often happens that in real life, while in the middle of having interesting conversation, others naturally feel like asserting their point? Same is the case with blogging where any engaging post will naturally invite various meaningful comments as well. It is important to connect with your visitors and that can only happen if the post binds the interest of visitors from the start till end. At the end of the day, as a blogger you have to write for the benefits of your audience. Since, visitors are attracted towards knowing the things which you want to say.

Like in real life where if you are good in your oratory skills, you happen to attract people, same is the case in the world of blogging where you have to be at your best towards striking the chord of your audience. The post should not be monotonous; instead it should at once excite the audience to such extent that they immediately write down their thoughts.

Engaging with audience is indeed a child’s play

Unlike the usual perception where you consider it to be a herculean task while engaging with audience, it is indeed easy to establish engagement with your audience. Be specific in giving out as much details as you possibly can, since it is indeed the reflection of an ideal reader.

You might be blogging for months or even years now by religiously posting relevant content. If you have to tell others regarding the total number of hours which you have spent up till now, then it will naturally be impossible for you towards telling them the exact figure. Isn’t it?

According to a saying, “Hard work pays” but have you really got the fruits of your labor? Chances are that you will say in negative. Although, you periodically post content, yet there is a million dollar question, “Is your blog really attracting visitors? Although, you get visitors to your site, yet they fail to turn into permanent ones. Since, they do not find any thing interesting which leaves them along the mid-way as well.


Therefore, there is no point of guessing that your blog is in the dire need of comments as it creates a healthy picture for your blog as well. So, try to absorb those traits and experience the pleasant difference by ensuring increasing comments which will surely take your blog to places. Needless to say that comments have their own importance and it creates a healthy picture of your post too. Isn’t it?

Jees K Denny

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