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Each and every of us have our own styles and concepts and most of us wants to keep their ‘OWN’ style in all things as well as their PC/Laptop’s Desktop. Our desktops should be clean and stylish, that’s the wish of each and every desktop user but for someone the concept is different they don’t have enough time to clean up their desktop appearance. But my concept on the appearance of my desktop is this; I likes to have a clean desktop with a minimum icons that are most used and with less gadgets if they are much essential and a wallpaper and theme which is stylish but not boring.   I wish to see my desktop as a clean, simple and stylish one. So I have a compiled list of tools that can be used to make our desktops clean, simple and stylish. So let’s clean up the area together.

Rain Meter

Rainmeter is a small desktop customization tool that turns your junk desktop into an informative one. Rainmeter shows customizable skins, like memory and battery status, weather forecasts, RSS feeds, etc… on your desktop. With Rainmeter you can have a clean and unobtrusive interface which can be rearranged and customized according to your likes.  Also with this free and open source project you can have your to do list, calendar, weather status, etc… on your desktop in a stylish way.   Moreover further more skins can be found from the web for your Rainmeter and so can have extra effects added to it.


Fences is a desktop customization tool that mainly helps us to manage our desktop icons, often users feel it very difficult to manage their desktop icons if they has got a much in number. Fences is the best solution for this, Fences from the Stardock house is a program which helps you to organize your desktop, it can hide icons when they are not in use and arranges it in movable groups called fences.  The main features of fences are it keeps your desktop clean and can rope off your desktop which allows us to create shaded regions on your desktop that can be used to place icons according to our wish.

Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock is an easy application launcher which is smoothly animated and alpha blended. It offers a clean interface to put shortcuts on for easy access and organization. You can add any type of applications or files to the dock launcher for easy access and the dock has many themes and styles which adds extra effects to the launcher. Moreover your minimized windows too can be shown in the launcher and thus Rocket dock is capable of providing added productivity and accessibility.  The main features of the Rocket dock include friendly interface, easy translation and support for many languages, portability and fully customization.


Dexpot is a desktop customization tool that creates virtual desktops for easy access and organizing. Virtual desktops are supplemental work spaces for windows and the other programs. With Dexpot you can switch virtual desktops at a keystroke or with your mouse. Virtual desktops are useful to overcome desktop clutter, for facilitating working with many applications and for organizing applications into work areas. And so Dexpot is the best virtual desktop customization tool that is easy to access and which is highly customizable for experts.

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